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Fall field trip.

Work hard - play hard.

We are a non-profit society whose members want to help with the conservation of species and habitats in BC. Our members come from many backgrounds. Some are scientists, others have business backgrounds, many are students. In short, we come from all walks of life, but we share a common interest in wildlife and nature

Our group of volunteers originated in 1988. Back then our members worked as the Stanley Park Ecology Society on several environmental projects including Barn Owl Conservation and the enhancement of the Beaver Lake habitat in Stanley Park, Vancouver.


Port Kells owl care team members.

The Burrowing Owl Recovery Program began to take shape in BC in 1990. By 1992, our crew were actively involved. We are the facilitators that work with provincial wildlife staff and other societies to try and return the Burrowing Owl to BC grasslands. Some of our volunteers care for the owls raised in our breeding centres. Many others participate in the annual field trips to release yearling owls and prepare burrows. Still others spend long hours monitoring the birds in the field after release. Still others keep records and organize the events.

One of the great things about the program is that it is community based. Some programs with endangered species tend to operate in a rather rarefied atmosphere, often with good reason. Ours is accessible, providing an opportunity for us to work closely with the owls and directly experience the grassland habitat they need. The Burrowing Owl Recovery Program has given all of us a deeper understanding of the issues of this, and other, species, the places they live and the people that are stewards of the land.

Building the Port Kells breeding facility.

If you are interested in joining us please contact us and we’ll help you make a difference for the environment.


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